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#87 Before and After part 2

Here you can see me again taking a shower! And this is a fresh new photo-shoot! You can see me shaving myself totally naked and topless!!

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#86 Bonus Update #8 Christmas Gallery!

Christmas 2005. These photo's will always give me a special memory! You can read it in the about me!

You will see some great photo's of my ass, see me playing with some christmas balls and more.. :P

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#85 Webcam #26 3 days before christmas

To get you into the Christmas mood, I made some pics with the Christmas tree! Don't be afraid it's not the Christmas shoot I promised! You'll see that one in about 3-4 days! There are some very great body shots in this gallery! Don't miss them!

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#84 My Blue Skirt!

KiMM was here to make this photo-shoot! It's always funny when she comes to my place.. I'm a little lazy to clean my house. So I had to clean everything real fast!! When she was here we shoot the pics! She took pics of me and I took pics of her. After the pics I had to work! So I brought her to the train station gave her a hug and a long kiss......

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#83 Webcam #25 Special request from reoff: Just Woke Up! Part 1

Its a funny begin! but when the shoot goes on you see it isn't funny anymore it is just amazing! Enjoy my lil boobs and my big cute ass! And this shoot is a request by reoff! (hope u like these special pics!!!?)

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#82 My sexy black cat suit

I didn't knew my cat suit was see-through! My girlfriend Kimm made some cameltoe pics. I'm so exited about this gallery! It was great to pose on Kimberley's kitchen table!

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#81 My Pink Short!

See me here posing in my sexy see through pink short!

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#80 Before and after

Last time I told you what I do before I make a photo-shoot(taking a shower and shave myself). It was a lil' silly to say that because I know that you don't want to read it.. but you want to see it! Well okay in this gallery you see it all! :-D The before and after taking a shower!** The pics are made with a timer, and the quality is not 100%**

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#79 Webcam #24 Summer Suit

The summer in Holland is over.. but that doesn't mean that the sun won't shine anymore! cause I'm the SUN!! :)

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#78 Sexy White Lingery

When I wanted to make this gallery, I realized that I had to shave my self.. I took a shower and shaved myself where it was necessary ;) With wet hair and a shiny lingerie I made this gallery! (Now you know what it takes to make a photo-shoot! ;))

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