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#157 Skinny Jeans

It's getting colder now I wear my tight jeans and a sweater. My jeans is broke there's a little hole in it! ;) See me posing very sexy and naughty in it! And check out my very sexy black lingerie!

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#156 Video #10 Special request from Appie: Playing with oil

Appie wants me to play with oil. I hope I did it right?

Sorry for the bad resolution. It's getting better at the end. Wrong setting from the camera..

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#155 Sexy lady in black

First you see me posing in my black dress with a black legging and my black boots. And when I'm taking off my clothes for you. You can see my sexy see through red and black lingerie. And everything is getting off me!

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#154 Just woke up #4

Kimberley has sleep with me because we had a movie night. She was already awake and start making photo's from me. It was hilarious! Watch me with my sleepy face! And later when I get awake I take off my sweet snoopy pyjama for you!

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#153 Taking a shower

This time you see me shave my p... completely naked! And also some very good shots from it! Enjoy!! :)

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#152 Bonus Update #22 Happy Halloween!!!

Today It's Halloween and of course I've made an shoot for my fans! See me here as a Witch. Sweet, Cute, Naughty and dangerous! And my super sexy see through panty! And I do very naughty things in and with it! ;) Come in and find out what the spiders are doing with my p... :P

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#151 Black & Pink

I'm wearing a black & pink see through outfit with an panty hose. I've made some great shots from my boobs, ass and fresh shaved p.... :P Check it out!!

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#150 Cleaning a motorcycle

My 150th gallery! I'm very proud! :) You see me here cleaning a motorcycle in my latex suit with very sexy boots with high heels! Later you see cleaning myself... :P And offcourse a lot of good and sexy shots from my damn sexy body!!

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#149 Sexy pink dress and pink lingerie

First you see me posing in my sexy short pink dress, later in my sexy pink lingerie and in the end full naked! My last photoshoot made in Turkey!

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#148 2 video's made in a warm bath

In the first video you can see me shave everyting in a warm bath! And in the second video you can see me taking a shower. Both on some good Turkish music!

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