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#147 In a warm bath

You can see me here posing in a warm bath in Turkey. And you see me shave the necessary things ;)

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#146 Bikini

I was on vacation to Turkey and here you can see me on a Turkish balcony in my bikini playing with some water. The cold water was very nice with this warm temperature!

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#145 Black & White

Here you can see me in a black & white lingerie! With a black panty hose! I didn't knew my string was so seeing through! Oh my... you see everything from my p....

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#144 Black See Through Suit

I love see through dress! I hope you like it 2? Here you can see me in a see through suit. I really liked it to pose and tease for you!!

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#143 Bonus Update #21 Model Photoshoot

I get a ticket from my best GF Kimberley for valentine to make an professional photoshoot! And this is the result! :)

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#142 Webcam #35 Just woke up part 3

I have a lot of pyjama's! And now it's warmer at the night so I just wear less :P A black satin pyjama dress! This one is very sexy! Come in and check all the sexy body shots from me!

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#141 Sexy Tiger Print

You can see me here posing in a very sexy lingerie with a tiger print. My body is gettin better each week! My body becomes healthier! Makes me very happy and you see me good smile every time! Watch all the good body shots of me!

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#140 I'm blue dabadee dabadaa!

Here you can see me posing in a sexy blue lingerie! With some blue make up let me think about the song "I'm blue dabadee dabadaa" ;) Watch all the great body shots of my thinner getting body!!!

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#139 At my moms bed

I'm taking care for the dogs from my Mother. She is on vacation for 1 week. And she has a nice bed for a photoshoot don't you think? My best girlfriend was there to make this shoot of me. Watch all the good shots of my body!

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#138 White lingerie

This bra makes my boobs looks bigger! I'd really like it to make this shoot! My belly is getting thinner! And you can see a lil of my sixpack! :) That's my thanks for still working so hard on my body! Watch all the great body shots from my sexy body! :)

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